The people behind REVI

The Committee

The Committee’s members ensure that the projects carried out by REVI Organization are properly implemented and coordinated.

Aurélia Bernard
President - Founder
Political scientist, manager and geographer
Sébastien Poncini
Political scientist and welfare worker at the Hospice General of Geneva

The Climate Reporters Council

The Climate Reporters live across the globe and travel in different parts of the world to ensure that we are aware of climate hazards or environmental disasters leading to migration phenomena.

Arthur Leclercq
Australia & New Zealand officer
Historian and economist (Melbourne)
Yorbana Seign-goura
Central Africa Officer
PhD student in Sociology, University of Neuchâtel
Zoey Voigts
Office representative in Bremen
Alice Lefrançois
Malaysia & Nepal officer
Bastien Néel
Doctor in Analytical Chemistry, University of Geneva
Cecilia Raziano Gonzalez
PhD student in Geography, University of Geneva
Tiziana Censi
Climate Reporter
Student in International Relations, University of Geneva

The Advisors Council

Members of the Advisors Council are chosen for their skills in their field of work. They have no decision-making power however agree to share their assessment and knowledge on technical issues to guide the Committee.

Hugo Varela
Energy Engineer
Project Manager at Wintsch K. & Cie S.A. (consulting engineering services) in Geneva
Adèle Sauvage
Illustration & communication
Independent illustrator in Berlin
Laura Da Silva
Occupational psychologist
Consultant at CVH (professional coaching) in Montpellier
Sylvain Perez
Rural and mixed practitioner in Toulouse
Lucas Bouvard
Landscape Architect
Graduate of HEPIA (High School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture) in Geneva
Michael Debétaz
Evaluation Officer
Timothée Pesse
Permaculture coordinator
Moez Maâmer
Project manager
HES-SO Master of Science student in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development - Innokick (Lausanne)