REVI Organisation shares a long-term vision of society where international actors contribute to:

  • the recognition of the status and rights of environmental refugees;
  • the awareness of social and environmental injustices;
  • the promotion of autonomous means of subsistence through a local and sustainable agriculture.


1. Raising awareness on the rights of the environmental refugees
  • To inform the public about the climatic hazards and the environmental disasters at the origin of migratory events.
  • To vulgarize the issues related to climate migrations, environmental refugee conditions and the development of sustainable solutions.
2. To promote the recognition of the environmental refugee’s legal statute through national and international legislation
  • To develop indicators and criteria as basis for new definitions of their rights
  • Influencing public policies on migration, agriculture and the environment

3. To develop sustainable resilience solutions for environmental displaced people through permaculture
  • To encourage, through public and private partnerships, the professional (re)integration of environmental refugees with jobs in areas of sustainable culture
  • To thrive for independant food sustainability and security at a local and regional level, by encouraging the beneficiaries’s autonomous involvement and ownership of the projects